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Our history

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In November of 1996 a bunch of young fans of „Rapid Wien“ decided to found an own fanclub. For quite a long time they debated about a proper name for the club, which they wanted to be something completely new. In the end they agreed on “Tornados Rapid Wien 1996”, and although this name has recently been copied by others several times, it originally was invented by us.
The next action was the production of a banner and from that time on we didn´t miss any match of our team. Nearly one year later we started the publishing of our fanzine “Tornados Spezial” which originally was just meant to be a newsletter, but quickly established itself in the public market of fanzines. Apart from that the next three years went by without much further development of our group.
In our fourth year our clubmembers became more active and started to use smoke and pyrotechnics, especially during away games. Thus we were able to strenghten our position within our home-block, “Block West” in “Hanappi Stadion”, although our activities can´t be compared to those organized by “Ultras Rapid”, still the most important fanclub in “Block West”. “Tornados Rapid” is a club without any political interests, whose simple but important target is to support our beloved “Rapid” in every match, at home and away.
During the winterbreak in the season of 2000/2001 we started the production of our own fanequipment (scarfs, caps, T-shirts, …), made a second banner and our first own flags and “Doppelhalter”. We increased our stock of these continually, and today we own a few hundreds of them. In the meantime a member of our club created our first logo, which was a head wearing sunglasses and a scarf in our colours. Although we identify with a new logo nowadays, a tornado, we still honour our first one.
In the season of 2002/2003 in autumn the membership of “Tornados Rapid” grew immensly, which of course steadied our position within the fanszene. Our increasing use of pyrotechnics during matches earned us a reputation of being “pyros”. The same season we started to organize bustransports to away games and for a couple of years now we´ve always had at least one “TR-Bus” for every match that didn´t take place in Vienna.
Our breakthrough took place in 2005. Again the number of our members increased rapidly and today our fanclub consists of about sixty people. Important to mention that we don´t admit everybody but restrict to people who are willing to put in hard work, which is absolutely necessary to guarantee for the quality of our activities.
Our first masterpiece took place in an away game in Graz. In the beginning of the second half we turned our block into a green-white sea of flags which had a special layout that has grown to be an inevitable assoziation with our fanclub. We carried out similar activities in Mattersburg and Südstadt the same year and since then we have been organizing four or five such choreos every season.

Early 2006 we founded an own youth-section which currently consists of about twenty members and so ensures our fanclub´s future.
We also celebrated our first ten years of existence as a fanclub in 2006 with a great choreo in “Block West” during the match against Innsbruck and arranged a party which was attended by many members of other fanclubs, representatives of “SK Rapid” and a delegation from Nürnberg.
Although the fanclub´s main target is the support of our team, some members take a great interest in various related “themes” like “Groundhopping”. These people travel the whole world to see foreign stadiums and get to know foreign fancultures. As a result our club is in contact with other fanclubs, for instance “Ferencváros Budapest” or “1. FC Nürnberg”.

Besides our constant support of “SK Rapid Wien” some members of our fanclub also supported the “Rapid Amateure” for many years. When there was the time we would attend every match, at home and away, bring along pyrotechnics and flags and make a great deal of noise. The highlight took place in autumn of 2002 in an away game against “FavAC” – we turned the counter-tribune into a sea of green-white ribbons, combined with our flag. This was the work of just about thirty lunatics and an absolute novum for this low league.
We stopped our support of “Rapid Amateure” after a couple of years, during which the same sad and annoying thing happened over and over again: The team always lost the considerable headstart it had had in the final matches and so never advanced to a higher league. It became evident that the players weren´t allowed to win the league, which caused illhumour with us that we expressed in various actions. Since there come no response of any kind we decided to quit our engagement, sad but true…
We also quit to support the Austrian National football team, for various reasons you can find here.

Now you have an overview of our fanclub, if you want more information about us, “Tornados Rapid Wien 1996”, read trough this homepage or order an edition of our fanzine “Tornados Special”, we will be delighted to hear from you!

Tornados Rapid, March 2008

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